Style Sherpas – Fall 2020

As Seen In: Elle Decor

Morgan Farrow Interiors redefines personal design style, one client at a time.

Born under the wing of Tatum Brown Custom Homes in Dallas, Morgan Farrow Interiors is acutely aware of the desire for change. “In many cases, our clients come into new homes with five or fewer pieces from their existing collection. They’re truly starting over,” explains Morgan Farrow, principal designer at the firm.

“When a client is building, we find they are leaving behind not only their former home, but its style entirely, and are saying, ‘This is the new me.’”

With a blank slate in front of her and a team of dedicated designers behind, Farrow takes clients on a journey to uncover their individual styles. “A lot of our clients come out of a more dated style, and they’re ready for something that is the polar opposite—a huge juxtaposition to what they’ve been used to,” she says.

And her designs do not disappoint. Each encompasses the client’s personal style with a timeless, refined touch. Where one Nantucket-style home showcases satin brass hardware, another incorporates tribal patterns in rugs and artwork for a more bohemian look. No designs are alike, but all feature some element of surprise, a touch that adds a rejuvenated twist to each space, Farrow shares. “We’ll take a formal living room that’s supposed to be a glamorous, untouchable space and make it friendly and inviting,” she says. “We might add some wild blue mohair on the sofas for an unexpected pop of color or texture, but it is still inviting for a family to use.”

Farrow’s passion for walking clients through the evolution of their design style fuels her incredible work. “Pushing the limits of who they think they are is one of my favorite parts,” she says. “If you create a personality and a style that is intuitive and cohesive, the design won’t feel trendy; it will feel like it belongs.”

DHOME Best Designer – 2020

Published In: DHOME Magazine 

Morgan Farrow Interiors was selected as one of the Best Designers from DHOME Magazine for 2020.

DHOME Best Designer – 2019

Published In: DHOME Magazine 

Morgan Farrow Interiors was selected as one of the Best Designers from DHOME Magazine for 2019.

Home Team Designing The Dream

 By: Lisa Petty  |  Published In: Design At Dallas Market Center January 2019

“First impressions are everything, and this entry feels light, bright and fun! The combination of burl wood and bold modern art makes such a statement.”                              -Morgan Farrow

Paintings from Kenya Inspire A Dallas Home’s Interior Palette

By: Liz Arnold  |  Published In: LUXE Magazine January/February 2019 

Photography By: Nathan Shroder

Our main goal was to showcase the couple’s collection of art from Kenya that’s very near and dear to their hearts,” says designer Morgan Farrow, whose Dallas clients with two teenagers had amassed a series of paintings by renowned Kenyan artist and family friend Timothy Brooke. “They wanted a platform that would allow these pieces to really shine.” Originally designed by architect of record Enrique Montenegro and design principal Mark D. Hoesterey, with builder Mark Danuser of Tatum Brown Custom Homes, the residence was well suited with gallery-like spaces to display these artworks.

DHOME Best Designer – 2018

Published In: DHOME Magazine 

Morgan Farrow Interiors was selected as one of the Best Designers from DHOME Magazine for 2018.

The Best Interior Designers in Dallas – 2018

Published In: Dallas Architects Magazine 

Farrow got her start with an interior design degree from Abilene Christian University and has been working in residential interior design since 2007. Her team offers a full set of services from plan development down to a home’s accessories. Farrow balances form and function in her client’s homes to create what she calls “livable luxury.” She often collaborates with the award-winning firm Tatum Brown Custom Homes and has worked in residences found across Dallas, as well as in Kansas and Michigan. Her work has been featured in D Home, Luxe Interiors and Design, and Traditional Home. 

“One of the biggest things that inspires my designs are getting to know and understand the clients on a personal level… how they’ll use the home, what are their passions, do they entertain or are they homebodies.  We spend a lot of one on one time with our clients working to draw out all that information and I think it helps our design be more thoughtful”.  – Morgan Farrow

Luxe Gold List – 2017

Published In: LUXE Magazine

Morgan Farrow Interiors was selected as one of the Best Designers on the LUXE Gold List for 2017.

Strictly Personal

By: Margaret Zainey Roux  |  Published In: Decor Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

Photography By: Nathan Schroder

 A little funky, a little sexy, and a little left of center. That’s how designer Morgan Farrow describes her client, Allane O’Neil. It’s also a spot-on description of Allane’s 6,000-square-foot Dallas home, where crisp white walls bounce light so each room shimmers like a light box. This laboratory-like backdrop cried out for experimentation–and after 25 years of living in a traditional 1940s red-brick two-story that once belonged to her grandmother, Allane was ready to be bold. Thought-provoking artwork? Fearless upholstery colors? Wallpapered ceilings? Yes, yes, and yes. “I’m not afraid to veer away from the latest trends and go my own way,” Allane says. 

She directed Farrow to push the envelope. “With a simple white backdrop, we could go wild with the bright, saturated hues and strong patterns that Allane is naturally drawn to,” Farrow says. “She knows what she wants and understands the art of mixing styles. Best of all, she isn’t afraid to be different!”


This is Us

By: Rhonda Reinhart  |  Published In: Modern Luxury Magazine July 2017

Photography By: Costa Christ

As the owner of Tatum Brown Custom Homes, Mark Danuser spends his days helping clients construct the houses of their dreams. So when it came time to build his own dream home, he and his wife, Christine, were ready for the challenge. They found the perfect lot in University Park, designed the ideal layout, chose flawless finishes and hired interior designer Morgan Farrow to help decorate.

Brass Act – Kitchen Feature

By: Sally Finder Weepie  |  Published In: Traditional Home Magazine May 2017

Photography By: Nathan Schroder

The classic white kitchen goes glam with metallic accents and a dash of color.

Farrow started out with the goal of creating a kitchen functional enough for a Dallas couple with three young kids and stylish enough for serious entertaining.

An all-white kitchen, though, wasn’t the end goal for Farrow. So she brought in earthy elements–reclaimed Douglas-fir ceiling beams and white-oak floors–and rich color.

Dreaming Big in This Bluffview Home

By: Connie Dufner  |  Published In: DHome Magazine May/June 2017

Photography By: Nathan Schroder

The Eastins bought the lot in 2011 and spent more than a year planning. They finally took up residence in August 2015. “I feel like that continuity is really seen through the house. As much as the architects poured their heart and soul into it, we worked hand in hand to make that come through on interiors as well,” Farrow says. All the while, the interior aesthetic evolved from transitional to modern. “It’s a really fresh feel; it has this underlying thread of tradition of comfort and warmth that doesn’t scale itself out. It’s a very large house but feels intimate,” she says. The main house is about 12,000 square feet, and the outdoor rooms and cabana account for another 4,000 feet of living space.

A Home with Infinite Rapid Fire Wow Moments

By: Mindy Pantiel  |  Published In: LUXE Magazine November/December 2016

Photography By: Nick Johnson

“Prior to moving in, we photographed every piece, printed out photos of them and pinned them up in potential locations,” says the designer Morgan Farrow. Once the furniture had been arranged, they displayed the actual artwork throughout the home and analyzed each placement before making any holes in the walls or final decisions. 

In the end, it was calculated moments, such as the precision of hanging the artwork, coupled with free-flowing decisions that created the ultimate success formula. “Typically, I’m a storyboarding-type planner, and Allane prefers to get down and dirty and dig and hunt, but our back-and-forth synergy really worked,” Farrow says. “The final result is just like her: fun, colorful and edgy.”  

A University Park Family Nest

By: Stacy Girard |  Published In: DHome Magazine May/June 2016

Photography By: Stephen Karlisch

To achieve the vibe she was after, Robin enlisted Morgan Farrow of Morgan Farrow Interiors, who has designed the interiors for several Tatum Brown projects. The designer started with the rugs, working in a palette of lavenders, pinks, and blues. According to Morgan, the most pivotal piece in the home was the rug in the family room. It would tell the story for the entire house. When she spied the lavender Oushak rug in the Interior Resources showroom, she knew it was the one. She selected tan linen Restoration Hardware sofas covered in indoor-outdoor fabric for the room.